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Love, Much More Than An Emotion.

Madeleine Pujals, MA in Psy. and Psy.D.

Love is far more than an emotion.

Love is action, love is passion, love is than commitment, and love is respect and trust.

Love is chemistry.

Love is a bond.

Love is a human condition that helps us to unite in long-term relationships.

We need love to promote feelings of safety and security intimacy and affection.

Love is the drive that bonds us as human beings. Love is the connection that keeps us together. It promotes us to engage in acts of kindness.

Love is the engine that drives our intimacy with our beloved one. It is that one emotion that needs to be fed nurtured and fertilize to keep us coupled and bonded together.

Without it we are lost and separated, we are alone and unwell. Love is what feeds our lives. It is what keeps us alive and healthy.

LOVE is that NUTRIENT that we must have in order to BE and STAY ALIVE.

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