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Relationships & Communication

Relationships and Communication by Madeleine Pujals, MA, Psy.D.

Life  is beautiful and has many unexpected surprises. We are gregarious beings that are engaged in interactions and we do so thru communication. Communication is a constant, it is impossible to not do so. We communicate verbally, with our voices, our tone, and our volume. We communicate non-verbally, with our gestures, our actions, our walk, our clothing and our silence. We are always communicating, however, it is how and what we communicate that may get us into struggles with our relationships. Communication is the tool we have to bond, engage, interact and establish relationships. The way we communicate and how we communicate  determines the way we relate to others.  It is impossible to not communicate, we are constantly communicating something even when we are silent or unengaged with others. We must pay attention to how we communicate as it is the basis of most of our misinterpretations, arguments, distancing and separation from others. We learn to communicate from observing how our loved ones at an early age communicate with us and others. Unfortunately, their style may not always be positive nor appropriate, nor conducive to healthy relationships. It is a skill that we must ensure we develop correctly and appropriately in order to establish and maintain wholesome relationships at home, at work, and in our daily interaction with others. It is the lack of good, positive and healthy communication that causes many relationships to fade, fight, separate and end. Don’t let this happen to you in your relationships. Cultivate your skills in the art of good communication.

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